Half Term Creative Workshop “The Hero’s Journey”

    Prep4’s Half Term Creative Workshop
 “The Hero’s Journey”
Facing challenges, building confidence

200px-ALBW_Link_Drawing                                                                                                                           October 29th and 30th, 10.00 to 4.30 at The Old Rectory Folkington

Using drama, story making and creative arts, a unique opportunity for 11 to 13 year olds to learn performance and communication skills, build confidence, develop innovative thinking and have lots of fun!

Prep4’s Workshop is designed for students at any level of ability to work on a project using drama and presentation techniques, combined with creative arts to produce a performance. Students will also learn how to apply the “journey principle” to their own lives.                                                                                    

For details tel 01323 483367 or email victoria@prep4online.com


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