Prep4 in China and Hong Kong

At Prep4 we believe that strong interpersonal skills, self-presentation and confidence are increasingly vital additions to conventional ‘hard’ skills at every stage of life. This is especially significant in the global world in which Chinese and UK students are growing up. (Watch Video)

We believe our training is particularly important for the Chinese students who may have focused on their rigorous academic education and not had so much opportunity to develop their own self expression and confidence in spoken English.

Prep4 was founded by Graham Lee and Victoria Davies Jones four years ago with this aim – to develop the interpersonal skills of young people as they progress through their education and on to university. Graham and Victoria work to devise and deliver innovative programmes for young people aged from 8 – 25, designed to enhance and transform individual potential.

In 2013 Prep4 was ready to expand into China, and Prep4 Hong Kong was set up with our esteemed colleague Betsy Ng.

The association with China began some time earlier when, in 2005, Graham Lee devised and presented, over four years, the highly successful Speaking with Confidence programme for Hong Kong students looking to develop their spoken English and personal presentation skills. Some years later Victoria Davies Jones’ book Boarding Schools: All you need to know, written with HK educationalist Jennifer Ma, was very well received in the international education world.

Now the company has developed and delivered workshops for staff and students at the ZWIE group of schools in Guangzhou, and for the Little Red Scarf Journalists also in Guangzhou (Watch Video). Meanwhile Graham has also taught poetry workshops in Hong Kong and has worked with Trinity Guildhall HK to train teachers in drama skills.

Plans for 2016 include Summer camps in Guangzhou and Hong Kong for developing interpersonal skills and including a major performance and arts workshop, and a visit to England for the Little Red Scarf Journalists. Prep4 is

expanding in Guangzhou later in the year with a permanent base and resident teaching staff delivering programmes and one to one tuition.