What do you think of my Me-V?

An interesting article by Phoebe Luckhurst in the Evening Standard last week – Send us your Me-V. Employers are increasingly requesting Video CVs (Me-Vs!) from applicants. Recruitment specialist ‘Hello my Name is…..’ suggests that a whopping 75% of firms now believe that traditional CVs are not “an effective tool for securing a role”. A graduate recruitment site, ‘Aspirating Interns’, suggests 94% of companies looking for an intern favoured Video CVs.

This all sounds exciting – or maybe terrifying – but aspiring Me-V makers must remember that the same criteria applies to Me-Vs as to CVs which we often help with alongside interview training. Firsts impressions are key – a sloppy video will lead to an even quicker turn off than a badly presented CV. Your body language is critical as it would be in the interview room – be alert, engaged and engaging. Vocal quality will be assessed too – is your voice clear, steady, confident, enthusiastic? And do you look natural and spontaneous – not as if you are reading from a piece of A4 sellotaped to the wall! While you are not being assessed on the ‘production value’ of the piece, do remember that your self presentation will say a lot about you.  A 30 second TV commercial involves a team of creatives and a lot of cash and even they can go wrong sometimes.

We believe the key point to remember either in a written CV or a Me-V is how best do I communicate MY STORY in a way that convinces a prospective employer that I am just what they are look for. This is what we work on with everyone we see whether looking for a school/university place or a job. So for all of you out there thinking about your Me-Vs, we’d be glad to help – Prep4’s directors are the perfect combination of a journalist, a drama coach and a film maker. For advice or assistance in delivering your story, whether at an interview, on a CV or a Me-V email graham@prep4online or victoria@prep4online.com.

Don’t worry, when Phoebe Luckhurst point outs that “…showreels certainly favour those who spent their childhood warbling in school pantos, harbouring fantasies of Blue Peter stardom,” she is forgetting that like many challenges, if you prepare properly you can do a great job, whatever your background.
Graham Lee


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