Confident Listening

Communication skills coaching for young people is not just about speaking with confidence. We also emphasise the value of listening with confidence – summoning all of your attentiveness and understanding to enable you to listen very carefully and thoughtfully in order to really receive the speaker’s message.cartoon-ears This means not just listening to the words but picking up nuanced emotion. Confident communicators understand deeper meaning and we teach the confident listener to develop a capability to pick up not just the meaning of the words, but also innuendo and hidden subtext. We remind students that the actual words used convey only part of the message, often much more is delivered by tone of voice and body language. The confident listener should feel a direct connection, so even though they may have heard this message, or a similar one, many time before, it’s probably the first time that this particular speaker has given the message to you. At Prep4 we believe that listening skills are as important as speaking skills and it is something that we focus on in our all our coaching and workshops.
For more information – please email: graham or victoria


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