Consulting Victoria Davies Jones

Victoria Davies JonesIf you would like to find out more about Prepare Your Daughter for Boarding or you would like to consult Victoria Davies Jones, please email Victoria;


5 thoughts on “Consulting Victoria Davies Jones

  1. I have two friends who have experienced the same silence and as mothers have found it very hard , so if I forward your link I think they will find it quite reassuring. When is your book coming out ?
    Andrea Sutcliffe


  2. I think this book will be an essential purchase for any parent with a daughter preparing for boarding. I am sure this will ease the worries of many a mother, father and child. When will it be available?
    Nicole Young


  3. Thank you very much for your comment, Nicole. We hope the book will be available at end of the month.
    We will confirm the exact date by email.
    best wishes,


  4. Thank you for your comment Andrea. The book is in the very last stages of preparation and will be available very soon and can pre ordered on Amazon UK or from Telegraph books (please see article).


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