Benefits of humour by Graham Lee

Lee dance editWe all know that laughing is fun and makes us feel better.
More seriously, remember there has been a lot of research undertaken into the physical and psychological advantages of having a laugh. Scientifically proven results include an impressive list of benefits – ranging from increased well being through endorphins and dopamines, to the cognative and emotional advantages of increased creativity, improved problem-solving ability and increased confidence and self-esteem. And masses more.
I don’t think the young participants of Lee Cornes Comedy Workshop on Sunday were necessarily aware of how much good the day was doing them – they were just having too much fun! Lee covered a wide range of comedic techniques, from learning how to effectively tell a joke to how to achieve comedy in physical movement and how to use status to comic effect in a double act, plus lots more. The class finished with a showcase performance and refreshment provided by Victoria Davies Jones at her lovely home.
So remember: Laughing out loud, being quietly amused, anticipating something funny, and even forcing a smile or chuckle can all lead to increases in positive emotions and neutralize negative states, helping to keep us on the “upward spiral” to greater happiness and fulfilment while making us better communicators and people that other people want to be around.


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