Prepare your Daughter for Boarding – The launch party

Richard Harman, Victoria Davies Jones & Hugh Davies Jones edited 2Educational giants including incoming Chairman of the HMC and Headmaster of Uppingham, Richard Harman, (pictured here with Hugh Davies Jones and Victoria) and John Baugh, Headmaster of Oxford’s Dragon School mingled with a lively crowd from every walk of Boarding school life to launch educational consultancy Prep4’s new book “Prepare your Daughter for Boarding” by Victoria Davies Jones. The book is prefaced by Claire Oulton, Headmistress of Benenden and holder of Tatler’s 2013 Lifetime Achievement award. Victoria’s daughter Sophie was let out of school for the evening to prove her mother’s good advice while Marina Byrne, Tilly Browne and Bella Grubb shared stories of their boarding school days rather freely with staff and parents! The wine flowed at the Elysee in Percy Street, London’s oldest Greek restaurant, but luckily Victoria’s guidance on boarding do’s and don’ts was well heeded and the evening ended without any broken china.
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Prepare your Daughter for Boarding

back covercover shotPrepare you Daughter for Boarding is now available. You may buy direct from the publisher John Catt Educational or from other online sources such as Amazon.

Prepare your Daughter for Boarding
“This excellent book offers advice from a mother on how to prepare girls for their first experience of boarding school.

Modern boarding schools are relaxed and pleasant places for children to develop. However, this new freedom does mean that boarders have to make more of their own decisions and puts a new burden of responsibility on their shoulders. It is an ideal book for parents who have already decided that boarding is the best option and is a guide to preparing your daughter so that she can get the most out of the wonderful opportunity she has been given.

Based on extensive research and a sizable archive of advice and anecdotes from a huge number of staff, girls and parents, the advice ranges from the obvious to the rather more surprising. It will certainly leave you and your daughter better armed for what is ahead.”