Our Visit to – The Zhongshan Whampoa Foreign Language School in Guangzhou

Our Visit to – The Zhongshan Whampoa Foreign Language School in Guangzhou

I’ve been a little behind in writing the blog on our China visit as we are revamping the website. We were in Hong Kong last month for the wedding of Victoria’s co-writer Jennifer Ma (an ex pupil of mine) to the delightful Kevin.

While we were there we were taken by a friend of Prep4, Miss Betsy Ng, to Guangzhou to visit a very dynamic school with which she is associated – the Foreign Language School attached to Sun Yat-Sen University. The school is part of Zhongshan Whampoa International Education, an organisation dedicated to establishing brand new standards for international education. Their aim is to integrate the different strengths of basic education from China and from Western countries and to provide whole-person education, meanwhile developing their students to become future leaders, able to offer the most positive qualities of both East and West, international interests as well as strong communication skills. As they described to us they offer a dual language environment for all the students in their care and seek to be a friendly, smiling community in which the highest standards of academic excellence are embodied in confident, well-adjusted young people.

So far, Zhongshan Whampoa has five schools, including a kindergarten, two primary schools, one secondary school and a training school. We are looking forward to identifying work to do together in 2015 focusing on the development of Communication Skills.

We were lucky to a long meeting with their Senior Management Team: Mr James Wong, the Chairman of the Board; Mr Harry Lee, the international Director; and Mr Grant Chang, School Principal.


Above: Victoria presents a copy of her book “Boarding Schools: all you need to know” to Mr Harry Lee.