True Grit

The comments made by Nick Hurd (Minister for Civil Society…??) suggest that something is going wrong at school – pupils are not being stretched and challenged and are lacking in “grit…at a critical time in their lives to prepare them for work”. Maybe it’s not all about A – C grades in Maths and English. According to the CBI, employability now means developing skills beyond literacy and numeracy: they cite people skills, self-reliance, teamwork, resilience, and the ability to communicate well. These are the so-called soft skills that are increasingly important in the modern workplace. In recent survey of employers more than 60% said that they did not feel school or college leavers are developing the self-management skills they need for work.
Many young people, not in the top stream academically, or lacking the ability to excel in other areas like music or sport, will find it hard to project the confidence and communication skills to convince an employer or university of their talents. So many schools (of all types) now obsess over increasing their grades, and so their standing in league tables, that little time is left to help their students to improve their vital personal skills. Arecen
At Prep4 we are asked more and more to help put this right with individual coaching and with a range of confidence building workshops. A Gallup survey taken only this week in the US showed 80% of parents think “soft skills” should be taught in schools.
For more information on how we can help build your child’s interpersonal skills and confidence (plus develop a bit more grit!) email:


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